Hi! Welcome to my portfolio. I am a web & graphic designer located in Brisbane, Australia. Take a look at my website and see what I am capable of. Don't forget to drop a line for any CV requests, interest in working with me or just to say hello ;-)


Cable-loc Systems website

Cable-loc Systems web store

A web refresh for Cable-loc web store. This site uses an e-commerce CMS, I created the template and modified the default packages in order to give an appropiate look n'feel to the website.

Voltex Corporate website

Voltex Electrical corporate website

Design of Voltex website. For the creation of the site, I took into account the different lines of products of the company and its respective branding. The result is a site where each line has an unique look n'feel keeping the same structure accross the whole website, giving it consistency.

Voltex web store

Voltex Electrical web store

Design of Voltex web store. I created the template for the website according to the requirements of the e-commerce CMS. The design needed to match the look n' feel of the corporate website of the company.

Cable-loc marketing emails

Cable-loc marketing email campaigns

A few examples of the promotional email campaigns I created for Cable-loc, which where sent to an extensive target list of current and prospect customers on a weekly basis.

Voltex Finesse box

Voltex Finesse promotional box

Artwork of a promotional box of a new line of electrical switches. The goal was to make the products look visually appealing and also give a realistic idea on how they would look like when installed on a wall.

Swatch Digital signage ads

Swatch flash promotional ads

These are a series of promotional ads made in Flash for Swatch displayed on digital signage networks. These ads showcase a guide range of fashion lines created by the company.

LED lights promotional flyer

Voltex D-Lux promotional brochure

Artwork of a gate fold brochure used for promoting a new line of LED lights for architect firms. The purpose of the design was to highlight what you could achieve with warm and cold lights in a wide range of indoor areas.

Voltex Finesse brochure

Voltex Finesse catalogue

An A4 catalogue created for Voltex Finesse. It has a minimalistic design and follows the design guidelines from previous promotional materials.

Audi touchscreen presentation

Audi touchscreen presentation

This interactive presentation made in Flash was displayed in touch screen kiosks for the release of the new Audi A4. It highlights the main features of the vehicle and some technical specs.

Homestart e-newsletter

HomeStart newsletter

Design of 3 skins for the e-newsletter that Homestart sends quartely to their customers. These themes follow the branding guidelines of the company. I also designed the email templates for this e-newsletter.

Homestart flyer

HomeStart promotional material

A few examples of some of the promotional materials I created for HomeStart. The designs followed the branding guidelines of the company.

Homestart emails

HomeStart promotional emails

Some examples of marketing emails designed for HomeStart.

Opening Doors microsite

Opening Doors e-invite

A microsite built in Flash inviting people to a theme event for HomeStart staff. Users could "explore" the jungle through their binoculars and see details of the event.

Black and White print campaign

Black and White print campaign

A promotional tent part of a Black and White print campaign done for HomeStart staff in order to promote the print of B/W documents rather than in colour printing.

Rowe Trading website

Rowe Trading website

Web design of Rowe Trading website. It has a minimalistic design with a lot of written information, the priority in terms of design was that the user could focus on the content without being distracted by the layout.

Fantasy farms website

Fantasy farms website

Web design of Fantasy website. Made in Flash, it has a visually appealing layout and the content is loaded through XML files so it can be easily updated by the company.

Glow Entertainment website

Glow Entertainment website

Flash website for Glow Entertainment, a company specialized in massive media events and artist promotion. The design is very colourful and engaging and gives a clear idea of the main tasks of the company.

King Products website

King Products website

Web design for King Products, a company specialized in the distribution of heavy machinery. Primary focus of the design was to highlight the new branding of the company through the layout of the website.

Synergex multimedia

Synergex multimedia

Corporate multimedia of Synergex, a canadian company which has different business lines, one of them was Digital Signage. This multimedia shows through real examples how Digital Signage solutions could benefit a prospect customer in terms of advertising and brand awareness.

Synergex multimedia

Movistar touchscreen window

A touch screen window made for Movistar to promote the new iphone 3G. The application created in Flash emulated the functionality of the iphone and people could try and experiment how it would be manipulating the new mobile.

Kodak Recipe to Print multimedia

Kodak Recipe to Print multimedia

This multimedia shows how through Kodak's picture kiosks you could print your pictures in a wide range of products like photo books, greeting cards or calendars.

Kodak S1220 Scanning System multimedia

Kodak S1220 Scanning System multimedia

This multimedia shows the new scanning system of Kodak S1220 and the main benefits of using this new product.

About me

I am a web & graphic designer originally from Colombia but based with my french husband in Australia since 2009. I have extensive experience in both web and print design and have worked with clients from Australia, USA, Canada and Latin America. Whenever I am not designing you can find me trying to improve my poor surf skills or working on my more developed cooking abilities. I am a massive fan of anything related to art, design, music, cinema, web trends and travelling.


  • +5 years of working experience
  • Front End development skills (HTML, CSS, Jquery)
  • Experience with CMS
  • Experience with Adobe Creative Suite
  • Actionscript 2.0 and XML
  • Print and digital design experience
  • Proficiency in both PC and Macintosh formats
  • SEO knowledge

Contact me

For enquiries e-mail me at info@gloriaquiroga.com